Project Regenesis

Primary Genre: Science fiction

Word Count: 76,000

Description and Details:

Apathy is in their last year of high school, and they have Apathetic Syndrome. This prevents them from feeling most emotions, which is why they are lonely without friends, unable to find common ground with anyone. When Apathy is chosen for Project Regenesis, a global battle to determine whether all emotions are kept, or some of them removed, or all of them removed, Apathy decides to battle to remove all emotions so they would have a chance at finding friends.

Apathy discovers that the battles are done through debates, and when someone loses a debate, they die. The deaths are caused by self-destructing devices implanted in Candidates’ heads, detonating when their levels of doubt or guilt rise to lethal levels. Apathy has no issue with this, willing to sacrifice the few for the many to ensure the survival of mankind and Earth as well as the accomplishment of their goal to find friends.

But then they meet Harmony, a free-spirited woman who is a firm believer that humans are at their best with all emotions. With her, Apathy begins to discover why emotions are important as they begin to feel more emotions. Because of this, they begin to feel doubt, and they realize they don’t want to lose Harmony. Thus, Apathy must find a way to overcome their doubt and either join Harmony’s battle or recruit Harmony before they have to face each other and debate to the death.

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