Make editing as fun as writing

  • Listen to your draft on the go
  • Add comments to your source doc
  • Share audio drafts with beta readers

Convert your draft to audio to listen and edit from anywhere

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Make edits on the go

No need for an extended editing session. Listen on the go and add edits with a single tap.

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Catch more errors

Listen to your writing to catch errors and flow hiccups that your eyes skip over.

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Get more beta readers

Securely share your audio draft with beta readers so they can listen and give feedback from their phone.

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Enjoy your writing

Step away from your screen and experience your writing from the perspective of your target audience.

A mobile app to make editing fast and simple

You can upload your novel to this simple mobile app and listen from your smartphone in the car, on the metro, while jogging, or anywhere. Just tap if you notice something you want to change. We'll add a note to your source document so you can fix it later.

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Share your audio draft with beta readers

Make it easy for beta readers to experience your novel
Don't make beta readers trudge through an endless digital draft, give them an audio version that lets them listen and give you feedback from anywhere.

Make sharing your work secure
Since beta readers cannot download or copy text out of your novel, you're protected from unauthorized sharing.