Primary Genre: Superhero fiction

Word Count: 101,000

Description and Details:

Jamila Idris is one of a handful of super-powered teenage soldiers forced to fight for her country in a war between all the nations of the world. All supers gain the same powers: near-invulnerability, super-strength, and their body temperatures rise to potentially lethal levels. Their power will burn them to ashes if they use it too long.
Her friends, London, a young, superpowered boy, and Dauntless, a fearless jetpack commando, help keep her safe and sane through the trenches and crumbling metropolis filled with deadly enemy soldiers.
A government official questions her loyalty as she is taken prisoner and finds out that her country might not be the innocent defender it claims to be. She meets Annette, another super-powered teen, and even though they are enemies, they grow close and plan Jamila’s escape together.
Ultimately, Jamila is put on trial for treason and set to be executed by her own country.
Throughout the war she moves from youth to warrior and puts the lives of her friends above all else. The emotional toll comes high as the war kills and shatters friends and family alike as Jamila and her friends struggle to put an end to the war by embarking on a desperate mission behind enemy lines.

Dauntless is a YA novel of 101,000 words. It’s part, “Attack on titan”, and “The violent century”. It is a world war 1esque sci-fi story set in a world of jetpacks and superpowers as told by the memoirs of an unreliable narrator.

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