You'll Find Me

Primary Genre: Other fiction

Word Count: 91,500

Description and Details:

Characterization, flow/story development, plot holes, dialogue, ending, reaction to the manuscript as a whole


One single second is all it takes to change the course of your life. This is a lesson Ellie Wilder is forced to learn when she is only seven years old. One second, she’s playing with her dolls. The next, she’s watching her mom die on their kitchen floor. Ellie’s mother kept her terminal cancer a secret from the world, but she spent her last months writing a series of letters for Ellie, leaving behind words of advice and encouragement that guide Ellie on her life journey.
As Ellie grows up alongside her best friend, Grant, they realize there’s only one way they want to spend their future: together. But plans can change in a second. One second, Ellie is looking at her future husband. The next, she’s looking at her first heartbreak. When Ellie moves on and marries Clark, she’s confident she can do whatever it takes to make her marriage succeed. But a struggle with infertility pushes it to its brink and leaning on Grant for comfort might just push it over the edge.

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