Primary Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 114,000

Description and Details:

Coffinguard tells the story of several small groups that weave through each other's narrative and change the course of this world's history. Characters change sides, die, and some are reborn, but none of them make it through unscatherd. The main faction are destitute servants of a vampire on the run from hunters looking to rid the world of one of it’s last monsters. As they haul their masters metal coffin from town to town, they must replenish their stock of human beings that they themselves belong to. Cities give up their deranged, elderly, and the sick to the Coffinguard as they sweep through on their frantic race, but no one wants a vampire to stay long.
A lone guard becomes separated from the group and meets a mermaid cast out from her tribe. Together they form a team looking to pull the hunt away from his master, and relocate the mermaid to make her own home elsewhere.
In a city where the dead serve as a reanimated workforce, one small girl tries to get her brother out of jail by becoming a master thief, but the dead man teaching her isn’t a good teacher and the consequences for slipping up are deadly.
The queen's chief poisoner has run afoul of a substance she’s never seen before and is thrust into the world of the supernatural she’s never known before. With more than her life on the line, she and her would-be executioner's wade into the city of the dead.

Coffinguard is a novel of 114,574 words and a sequel being developed. It is a horror\fantasy\adventure with no magic, but some monstrous species.

Looking for any problems with pacing, plot holes, character development, and inconsistencies.

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