Cryoshell Beta Copy

Primary Genre: Science fiction

Word Count: 154,529

Description and Details:

Everything changed when they invaded.

Captured and imprisoned in a desolate scrapyard known as the Graveyard, Kira spent fourteen years scavenging for freedom in their cruel game. Calculating every move, she clawed her way to the top—until it all fell apart.

When she awoke, she found herself in an unfamiliar environment, rescued by a mysterious man who seemed to know more about her past than she did. As she navigated this altered universe, the truth of her transformation and the changes in the galaxy began to unravel.

With everyone in the galaxy hunting her down, Kira must uncover why she is the most wanted fugitive. Her only hope is to find her brother, if he survived that fateful day.

In a galaxy where trust is scarce and danger is always prevalent, will Kira uncover the truth before it’s too late?

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