Lingering Shadows

Primary Genre: Suspense/thriller

Word Count: 40,000

Description and Details:

Lucia Pierce killed her mother, or so she thought. She is racked with guilt and nightmares, and marked with scars that remind her of her sin every day.

Thirteen years later, in the wake of her father's death, Lucia takes ownership of the family home they left behind years ago – traveling hundreds of miles to start a new life in an old house. She finds the property in a disastrous state, a result of both neglect over time and active destruction by any number of people.

With a massive job ahead of her, Lucia gets to work right away. Cleaning, sorting, and moving occupy nearly all of her time. As she sifts through what remains of her childhood, Lucia makes a discovery that hints at her mother’s leading dangerous double life and the long-held deadly grudge that remains over her own head.

Isaac Young finds himself caught in the crossfire as he attempts to be a good neighbor, helping Lucia to both rehabilitate the property and learn to let go of a past created for her by the adults in her life. Will Lucia be able to move forward and forgive herself, or will she double-down on loathing herself in light of what she’s learned about the most important person in her life?


I am looking for mainly developmental and story feedback. What makes sense/doesn't make sense about the story, are there areas where it feels lacking or over done, etc. That said, I am open to any and all feedback as I continue to move forward with this project in hopes of finishing it up soon!

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