Baby-Face Killers

Primary Genre: Crime/detective

Word Count: 112,000

Description and Details:

Deep in the underground of the prolific Mangetsu Jazz Club, Danny Hopper has drowned himself in the darkness as a newcomer. Music is more than his employer, Jiro Amakusa, serves as a caterer of guns-for-hire. Tensions flare between Amakusa, government authorities, the Ukrainian mob, and his own family when a saboteur threatens the businesses andthe lives of his family members. Danny's loyalty is pressed between two words when feelings for his boss's cousin complicates his job while discovering the Amakusa family is more than what they seem. In order to bringpeace to the Amakusas and his own mortality, Danny must find the saboteur before his humanity drags him into a deeper pit his mind can't pull him out of.

If anything'swrong, pacing, dialogue, or even boredom I'm open to every constructive criticism.

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