The Shaft

Primary Genre: Tall tale

Word Count: 157,000

Description and Details:

When young couple Trey and Lauren bought their ground floor apartment in an old converted manor house in Derbyshire, the large cellar that came with it was a bonus. Or at least that was what they thought. Instead, what they found in the cellar would soon lead them to a terrifying adventure, resulting in them being suspected of a series of unexplained deaths. As they try to withstand scrutiny from the police as well as a secret Home Office team, they have to also wrestle with their own consciences. If the only way to save your loved one from a life in jail is to kill someone, would you do it?

There shouldn't be many typos or grammatical issues as I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I'd love people just to read the story, hopefully enjoy it, and feed back what they thought. Were there any plot holes, did the characters come across, was there anything you didn't like or thought could be better explained etc. Not quite sure what genre to put it in, would like help on that too!

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