The Tempest's Soul

Primary Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 87,000

Description and Details:

This is a new adult fantasy romance with a slow burn romance.

I'm looking for feedback on the overall story, characters, and any plot holes or other issues. I'm not looking for any feedback on grammar as this manuscript has not been in the hands of a professional editor.

The Divine can speak to the gods. They hear their will. But Eira hears nothing. Despite the volatile nature of Divine Tempest, she wants to use it to help others.

Stifled by the High Priestess' outdated beliefs, she agrees to help the Copper Jackals. Eira discovers they were wounded while investigating odd disappearances. But more concerned with their injuries, she must deal with drastic consequences.

When Teeg, the Golden Child and young orphan she cares for, becomes one of the missing, she abandons the Temple of Ahrea, with the charming and mysterious Crown's Guard. With suspicions, the two head for the dwarven city, Tirhum.

Will Eira lose the gods’ favor, or will she be able to prove her worth, not only to them, but to herself?

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