She Sings at Dawn

Primary Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 92,000

Description and Details:

Dead royals. Forgotten heir. Nosy Princess.

The conviction and ensuing punishment by death of her step-sister, Princess Odeia, always perplexed Princess Aylo. The heir to the crown had nothing to gain by murdering Aylo’s mother, the Queen of Saursi. Four years later, Aylo’s suspicions are reawakened from an unexpected discovery: Odeia’s journals. And when another death turns up the night after a kingdom festival, Aylo wonders if it’s connected to those from years ago.

That fateful night, everything changes. Though new piles of duties and a covert match-maker intrude on her agenda, Aylo digs into the past. Deadly secrets unfold, enough to put a target on her back. Aylo must discover the truth before the murderer strikes again or she’s whisked into a betrothal.

I can not do a read for read exchange as my device is not compatible with the app. But I am truly grateful to anyone who would willing read my book (even part of it) and give me some feedback! Right now, my biggest concerns are the mystery plot/ threads/ reveal, pacing, and the character arc of the MC. I have some ideas on future edits relating to Aylo’s character arc and the world building, so if you were to focus in one area, I’d say pinpointing plot and pacing edits. Any and all critiques are welcome, though!

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