Penny's Song

Primary Genre: Tragicomedy

Word Count: 104,000

Description and Details:

Music aficionado Penny Herrick escapes her alcoholic and abusive father. She’s both unwed and pregnant, it’s 1970, and she lands in Greenwich Village, New York City.

Penny’s naivete shatters when she meets face-to-face with the city’s urban decay and ne’er do well strangers. But a chance encounter with musician Randy Wilton improves her life profoundly. A deep friendship develops upon discovering he’s gay, and they form a chosen family that’s ahead of their time.

Penny’s confidence and assertiveness grow under his tutelage. She encourages Randy to be open about his sexuality. But tragedy strikes when he comes out publicly. He spirals down a dark hole, creating a situation that’s too much like Penny’s former life, and she blames herself. To make matters worse, she learns her father had a heart attack and a long-hidden family secret surfaces, sending shockwaves through Penny. She's faced with staying put to help Randy or returning home to help her little sister, now that her baby's gone.

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