Primary Genre: Science fiction

Word Count: 50,000

Description and Details:

Simply put, Crow is the villain's story. when I set out writing this, about four years ago. I hardly imagined how quickly and deeply I fell in love with this novel. This is why in part, that I knew it would be good to get another set of eyes on this, besides my own. Crow is a science fiction with a dash of fantasy. it takes place on the world of Crowdidia- a planet that holds two different races - the Crowdidyians and the Dragtonians. who are at odds with each other. The novel centers around Jocren, who is a half-Dragtonian and half Crowdidyian male, who was sent on a mission by Dr.Rotter to free Crow. Jocren reluctantly complies, knowing that if he wants to see his sister alive again, he will do as Dr. Rotter demands. Jocren is joined by six others(not counting the scientists), whose sole job is to ensure that Jocren completes his task of freeing Crow.

Crow is the first of two novels. it has been edited numerous times and I'm looking for a fresh pair of eyes to look over it, before I begin the process of getting it published.
Richard M Polk

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