The Favor of Adeni

Primary Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 7,422

Description and Details:

(Mild Violence Warning) Viggo, a Tekula focused on staying with the traditions of their current leader, Jorah. The Tekula were a group of hunters who were given the gift to turn into a small Kula, a giant wolf-like creature from the East, by Adeni, the god of the hunt. Owaine, a younger Tekula on his way to becoming the next leader, begins asking Viggo to help him stop the Tekula from killing everything they see once he is in charge. He wants them to go back to how it was before Adeni’s gift was corrupted. As the story goes, Viggo must battle against his years of loyalty to his pack and leader, and challenge the notions he’s been taught since he was a child.

This story continues and finishes in a separate piece. I'm open to pretty much any critiques you have. I'm also open to any suggestions on the description.

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