The Girl Made of Stars Who Needs Life to Survive

Primary Genre: Romance

Word Count: 60,000

Description and Details:

Summary: Adam is an eighteen year old high school senior, just a few weeks out from graduation. His sister Kaylee has been in a coma for over two years and his brother Beau is serving in an unknown location for the military. Worrying about the two of them has taken an incredible toll on his mental health. Adam and his best friend Brayden love to hike. One day, on the two and a half year anniversary of the accident that put Kaylee in her coma, the two of them are swallowed by a portal which takes them to a planet called The Clock of the Divided. This planet is populated with elves who are in danger. The mineral that keeps them alive, called life, is in low supply. According to a millenia old legend, Adam and Brayden are the keys to restoring the supply. They are sent on a mission to restore the supply with a group of six elves, lead by Tavern, a curious, witty elf who's willing to put her life on the line for her planet. My story is told from Adam's perspective (while he writes an essay) as he falls in love, saves a planet, earns something to put his life on Earth back together, and sees his view of the universe change.

Feedback: I suck at commas so there are probably commas in incorrect places. Just grammatical errors in general. There are some places that I list thoughts and I'm not sure I've done that correctly in terms of grammar, dialogue rules, etc. Verbs and filler words are some of my weaknesses. I'm not good at explaining things so there's a good chance that a lot of stuff makes no sense. I speak about suicide a little bit so trigger warning. I also don't consider myself qualified to write about suicide so if there's anything offensive or wrong, I will definitely change it. Other than those few things, I really just want to know everything that runs through your mind as your read; questions, likes, dislikes, when you laughed, when you cried, etc.

I MADE THIS UP!! The only thing I didn't make up was the German words and the name of Adam's hometown.

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