Bonded by Feathers

Primary Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 63,651

Description and Details:

Rating: Adult, Gay Romantic Litature, fantasy romance (not erotica), Post Apocalypse Fantasy, dark, violence
Children in Iseac have started to go missing. Threatened with the loss of his leadership role, Elijah has been ordered to uncover who is responsible and stop them.

Uncovering that magical bound mates exist during a battle against an experimented creature was the only start of his problems. Elijah realizes that his mate has his own interests and plans, which do not include him. After the perpetrators kidnap children of his clan members it leaves his ranks in chaos.

Elijah’s pursuit leads to pitch black sewers filled with hordes of predators and into the snow-capped mountains where he is hunted by a pack of massive sized cats with long fangs and needle-sharp claws.

Elijah and his mate must overcome their own interests, not just to find the missing children, but for their own survival.

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