The Iron Gate

Primary Genre: Swashbuckler

Word Count: 72,000

Description and Details:

Hey readers!

I am looking for someone out there who loves fiction with a dystopian bent, think the Broken Earth Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin, to have read of my latest book The Iron Gate. I am happy to receive edits for the work but I mostly just want to know if people enjoy the tale. If you think you might like to have a listen, please read the synopsis below and I look forward to hearing from you!

The world is shaken by an explosive prison break on a volcanic island. The mastermind behind this prison break intends to head back to the mainland and instigate a civil war to position himself as the leader of Ahtia. To accomplish this, he needs to reach northernmost part of the country, where there are rumours of a devastating weapon.

While this is happening, a young man called Jonathan has run away from home on the eve of his wedding. This seemingly insignificant event will cause ripples through the entirety of the country and could be the key to stopping the war. Fighting back against the tide of rising nationalism, Jonathan and his new friends must unite the wastelands to save their lives and create a better future.


C. David Upton

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