Primary Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 100,000

Description and Details:

This is the 2nd Chronicle of the main books in the series of World of the Viscerebus. It continues from the 1st Chronicle. The story details Yuana's balancing act in helping Roald adapt to her world and deal with the discovery of her true self - being an Apex Viscerebus. Roald is doing his best to overcome his trauma and phobia of Viscerebus while trying to sustain his relationship with Yuana. Daniel, their best friend, is dealing with the truth of his true nature, the circumstances of his mother's and baby sister's deaths and the devastating effect on Roald, who witnessed it when he was a child. But these challenges were nothing compared to what was brewing behind the scenes - an event that would upend the current world order between humans and Viscerebus. One that they were all unaware of. TO THE READERS: Please let me know what you think of the storyline, the characters, the plot, the dialogue, and if the story can stand alone. THANK YOU.

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