A Bird in a Cage

Primary Genre: Gothic fiction

Word Count: 19,458

Description and Details:

This is the first 7 seven chapters of a gothic novel I am writing.

Gene: gothic romance and mystery with paranormal elements.

The castle was haunted by the true ghosts in the world. Our memories.

A Bird in a Cage follows the journal entries of American actress JULLIETE, fondly known as Plum. Plum’s career as an actress is in jeopardy. She is getting older, and her latest film is her last chance to revive her career. On top of the pressure to be young in a world where youth is paramount, her co-star AUSTIN is a married man she had an affair with, and her director seems to have it out for her. When Plum arrives at Halesworth Castle in England with her small crew, she changes.

There is something not quite right about Halesworth Castle and its mysterious servants who disappear into the walls. Plum grapples with the different relationships she has with each crew member and writes pivotal events that happened in her life that involved each one.

While investigating the castle one-night, Plum meets DAGON, the mysterious owner of the castle, who reinforces her worry about getting older. Dagon seduces Plum and offers her immortality. He promises her a world free of worries. A life free from earthly concerns. But there is a price to pay. To stay, young Plum must remain with Dagon in the castle for all eternity. Plum must make a choice before it is too late.

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