Brothers' Curse: Facing the Briars

Primary Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 103,000

Description and Details:

Crown Prince Terrance wants nothing more than to cure his youngest brother, Tobias, of a curse cast by a legendary faery. The problem is: the faery is hidden behind an impenetrable wall of briars. The other problem is: Terrance is scared out of his mind. He can't do anything right. He can't lead archers. He can't lead his brothers. He can't even stop a prophet from using an illegal power and making Tobias' curse worse.

But he can strategize.

When Terrance discovers there's more to Tobias' curse than what the princes previous thought, he and his brothers defy their father to recruit the very prophet that threatened to reveal their secret curse. They make a bargain: the princes will listen to her prophecies, and she will use her power to break Tobias' curse for good. If they fail, it would mean war with their neighboring country. They only wonder if her power will be great enough.

I'm looking for feedback on structure and readability. What makes you want o read and what makes you disinterested? Anything would be helpful :)

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