Sairon: The Fake DNA's Loving Soul

Primary Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 75,000

Description and Details:

Chained by History and DNA

In a sci-fi fantasy planet called Ns, the Myloseans, the ruling race, subjugate the slave class, the Adhirans. A princess, named Nadine, wishes to be queen because she believes that is what she is destined to do as part of her family, the Cyrils. However; she is not that bright and hasn't unlocked her powers yet, which most people would have unlocked by her age. Shunned by her family, she wishes to join the military to unlock her powers.

Meanwhile an organization called to Elakiar hopes to exterminate the Myloseans in order for the Adhirans to be free. And other characters with hidden motives stand in her way. Will the chains tighten around Nadine? Will she break free? Or maybe something else entirely?

Sexual Assault
Implied Sex

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