We Were Born of Spellfire

Primary Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 90,000

Description and Details:

Two sisters have hidden in a northern Norwegian birch forest, far away from witch hunters, until they became women. Now that their grandmother is gone, one sister puts a curse on the village that burned her mother and forced them to run while the other sister leaves to start a new life without magic. But they both must find a way to survive or else face a destiny that always seems to find witches, wicked or not.

I'm looking for feedback on:
1. the overall story - do you want to keep reading? is there anything that's boring or confusing or doesn't work plot-wise?
2. the characters - do you connect with them, like them, hate them, feel enough either way about them?
3. the language - how do you like the style? does it draw you in, make you cringe? are there moments that you think there should be more action and less reflection or more reflection and less action?

But also, whatever (constructive) feedback you want to give is much appreciated!

Thanks! :)

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