Evershine Rising Sun

Primary Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 94,000

Description and Details:

The purpose of these edits is to make sure Evershine Rising Sun reads like a cohesive story in its entirety. I would very much like notes on any plot holes, characterization issues within the story, incohesive writing, etc. Notes on grammatical errors are also appreciated. Thank you for your assistance on this project, it is greatly appreciated.

Grant, a fifteen-year-old African American plagued by dreams of unfamiliar forests and strange warriors, must journey to another world to save the life of his friend after a horrible accident.

Having no knowledge of his family and struggling to find the purpose of his life Grant decides to spend the first day of his summer vacation outside with his long-time friend. However, when a Great Horned Owl shapeshifts into a misshapen monster and sinks its claws into his friend, he is forced to trust an otherworldly stranger and journey to a mirror-world earth.
Now on this NeoEarth, Grant finds himself thrown headfirst into the matters of cosmic energy-bending warriors and their leader Redpine as they battle against grotesque invaders threatening the natural balance. As he learns his true family heritage, he is forced to question not only his own identity and purpose in the universe but also the true nature and of the warriors he's chosen to trust. Lost clans, kidnapped children, and an entire ecosystem hangs in the balance as Grant learns to fight the sin of envy and adhere to the laws of equivalent exchange.

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