The Longevity Project - By Case Stephens (full)

Primary Genre: Science fiction

Word Count: 108,000

Description and Details:

Andria Navarro has lived two lives. Orphaned at a young age, and forced to navigate the tumultuous streets of a 22nd century megalopolis on her own, she now serves as an elite agent of AEGIS Corp., a bionically enhanced special operations unit tasked with combating the rising tide of criminal activity running rampant throughout New Mega City.

Andria’s past and present collide when she discovers her squad’s latest mission––to ensure the safe transport of a wealthy biotech mogul's “precious cargo” across the city––may have ties to the mysterious circumstances surrounding her parents death. But Andria’s quest for answers is complicated by the arrival of the National Security Council who have taken a special interest in the mission's success… and for some of its members an interest in Andria herself.

Under the scrutinizing lens of the NSC, Andria and her squad mates must team up with the Council’s forces to prevent the cargo from falling into the hands of a faceless criminal mastermind, whose shadowy agents may be lurking closer than they realize. Both organizations must tread carefully if they want to ensure victory, but to Andria, a successful outcome could mean losing any chance she may have of learning the truth about the tragedy of her parent’s death.

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