The Sequencing of Peter Yzordski

Primary Genre: Crime/detective

Word Count: 72,000

Description and Details:

This is my first novel. Would like general advice and guidance. Wondering if there is a future for me as a writer.
Everything is planned for; Peter will become a computer programmer and live out his life coding, just like the state says. But when the time for job selection comes, he secretly changes his occupation to work in the State Security Services. He gets the life he always wanted; a meaningful career serving the state against their enemy known as Astraea.
Unfortunately, the innocent, naive, and good-natured Peter finds out government work is filled with horrific duties. Saddened and regretful about his findings he eventually gets another chance at happiness when, for an unknown reason, he is invited into Qayin, where the rich and powerful live.
After moving into Qayin he finds out the horrible price to pay to live there and has a struggle within himself to do the right thing. A plan to expose the society leads to one question: is it worth dying for? But Peter finds out there are worse things than death.

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