A Dragon's Theodicy

Primary Genre: Other fiction

Word Count: 113,000

Description and Details:

Bean was never very optimistic about his future. Being the youngest son of a poor farming family didn’t lend itself to being a promising life. At least that was until his dragon friend, Lydia, offered Bean a job as her squire.
But Bean soon finds out that being Lydia’s squire isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It involves more cleaning, talking, drinking and family drama than exciting adventures. However, Bean’s conversations with Lydia soon deepen, leaving Bean tangled in Lydia’s own quest for self-fulfillment.
As fate rears its ugly head, Bean and Lydia will have to find a way to navigate life’s turbulent and violent waters. The suffering of life comes for both humans, and dragons alike. If they can’t sort it out themselves, then no one else will.

Looking for feedback about overall story and opinions on characters and development.

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