DarkAllies&Adversaries - Book 1 - The Katalonan Chronicles

Primary Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 82,000

Description and Details:

In the intertwined ethereal and corporeal realms are people who serve as the conduit between the gods, elementals, and humans. These are the Katalonans. Every day, they face the choice to keep the balance between the two worlds or wield the power they hold over light and dark.

Beliza, 12, an orphan, has had enough of the abuse she suffers in her village. Threatened with exorcism, she leaves despite having nowhere to go and nothing to her name. At the edge of the woods, she encounters a mysterious woman they call the Chief Katalonan, who entices her to find answers to the strange experiences in her life.

Beliza finds herself in the wilderness, in a Katalonan training camp, together with eight other kids. She gives in to an inner calling despite her insecurities over her lack of knowledge in the craft. The lure of the ethereal world, the Hiwagaan, is strong notwithstanding the sinister atmosphere that surrounds it.

At camp, she makes friends and finds a father figure in her elemental guide, a being with the body of a man and the head of a Tamaraw. Beliza and the others learn Katalonan skills, battle dangerous dark entities and their own childhood traumas.

With the death of the Chief Katalonan and the looming turmoil in Hiwagaan bleeding into their world, the Sansinukob, Beliza and her allies must face unknown adversaries sent by Sitan, the lord of darkness. And they must do this without a leader and their team hobbled by treachery.

Dark Fantasy based on Philippine Lore.

I would love for feedback on the story, characters and dialogues.

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