Believe Me, I’m Lying

Primary Genre: Mystery

Word Count: 16,577

Description and Details:

I am mainly looking for flow of the story, pacing, distinctions in characters and how they appear to you, and if the transitions between scenes feel appropriate.

Any feedback is welcome. :)

As a caution: This story entails discussion sexual assault and has some violence or vulgar language.

This story is told by three protagonists: Michelle, Baila, and Connor.

Tentative synopsis: Following a party, Connor was convicted for DUI and spent the summer on informal probation. [This is to justify that he can work with people as long as he follows probation rules, avoids contact with people involved in the accident, meets curfew, and doesn’t leave the suburb (if you’re curious, it’s based in the east coast of U. S.)]

For as long as he can remember, Xavier has been competitive and wanted to see him fail. The problem is: why does he have such a long-standing grudge to the point he fabricates a faslse accusation, and for sexual assault?

Baila thinks Connor broke up with her because she’s too secretive, but if he or her friends knew everything (all at once, at least), the familiarity world would crack open. When the memory of something comes back to the surface and a familiar face scares her in dreams, that’s what happens.

Michelle is connected to them both, but she’s the “quiet atheist” to her friends who catches a spy and brings it to the attention of Connor’s attourney.

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