The King's Summit

Primary Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 73,858

Description and Details:

The annual kingdom summit is cursed. For the past thirteen years, the people of Dewar have breathed easy, knowing that the gathering that took the lives of their beloved king and queen and led to the deaths of thousands of civilians would never happen again. The disappearance of a local woman, however, sparks a chain of events, leading the reclusive king Aquillo to announce the revival of the summit. And this time, it will be open to the kingdoms of the surrounding planets.

Jaya Nideha has spent her entire life behind the stone walls of Inestar, under her grandfather’s thumb, watching life be lived by others and quietly wishing for her turn. She doesn’t complain, because there are others who have it much worse, namely her mother and all the other slaves of Inestar. When her grandfather offers her a deal, her mother’s freedom for Aquillo’s glowing eye, she is conflicted. Assassinating a powerful king on a distant planet with no way home seems like a suicide mission, but this could be her mother’s- and maybe Jaya’s- only chance at a real life.

Things do not go as planned, and as Jaya finds herself faced with ancient evils and a mysterious foe who everyone is convinced is her partner from Inestar, she must take a chance at trusting Dewar’s prince and renowned traveler, Quielle. Opening herself up to the prince is risky, because he’s not only fighting for her safety but her heart.

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