Weathering Echowinds (3 of 3)

Primary Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 70,000

Description and Details:

Third of three parts of Book 2 of The Rise of Arkillon's Phoenix Trilogy. Check out the first book (The Rise of Arkillon's Phoenix: Legacy) on Amazon, Kobo, BN, etc. if you are interested.

Book 2 Summary:
Namesiwa gave everything to ensure the ruins of Avaleur would survive. No. He gave everything to ensure the survival of the Avaleurian people. The legacy he left behind now rests in the hands of a new Sage and those who will stand with her.
Syen and Roland, Sage and knight, hold first to the hope Namesiwa showed them. But grips can loosen with uncertainty and doubt. Friends have become enemies. Sons and brothers have become monsters. Is there a balance between justice and forgiveness? Can true unity be attainted? These questions, they must learn to answer while the werewolves and the shadows of Arkillon pry with rising hunger. If they don’t, Avaleur, and themselves, will be torn apart.

Book 2 Part 1 Desired Feedback:
1 Did the story hold your interest?
2 Discrepancies or inconsistencies?
3 Did the story lag at any point?
4 Was there ever too much exposition?
5 Other comments?

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