The Manyaxi

Primary Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 90,000

Description and Details:

Iona is a sheltered only daughter of a social-climbing mother who would do everything to advance her rank in their society; a loving father who couldn't control his wife. Her parents hide a dark secret about Iona's nature. They hire a man, Bren, to train Iona's self-control to prepare for her introduction to their society. Unbeknownst to her parents, Bren has a dark agenda of his own and sees Iona as the key to his plan for achieving his goal. He grooms Iona, seduces then isolates her from her family and best friend, and exposes her monstrous side - that of a creature driven to mate and kill. He uses the aftermath of Iona's actions to bend her to his will. Ruled by fear of exposure and prosecution, Iona has to find a way to control her beastly nature and be a worthy wife to Bren and mother to her young daughters. Until she finds out the truth about her nature, the laws of their kind, and Bren's betrayal. And it unleashes the rage that she was afraid she had in her, proving that the blood lust in her veins is far stronger than what she can handle.

TO THE READERS: Please let me know what you think of the story, the characters and the dialogues. Do you think the story is compelling? Did it hold your attention? Do you like the characters? Which one you liked best? Which one you want to read more about? Are the character arc well written? Any suggestions and comments are welcome.

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