Third World Survival Guide by Waqar A. Mishwani

Primary Genre: Self improvement (Non-fiction)

Word Count: 24,203

Description and Details:


You need to think on your feet.

If you are living anywhere outside Europe, North America or East Asia-and were not born with a golden spoon in your mouth-then you most likely think of your dreams and ambitions as unrealistic.

But are they really?

If you know anyone who made it out of the rat-race, you know they are no different from you. No more hard working, determined or intelligent. What did they get right?

In the Third World Survival Guide, you will learn:

1. The specific challenges of various developing countries, from South America and the Pacific Rim to the Indian Ocean and the Islamic World

2. Success stories from these countries-people who made it, from soldiers and academics to salaried professionals and business owners

3. Things all successful people share-the Universal Principles

4. Things successful people from the hard parts of the world share-the Lesser Known Principles

5. How you can apply this knowledge to your life, whether you are unemployed, running a failing business or stuck with a job that barely pays

Like all things in life, survival-when the wind is blowing against you- and success-when opportunity arrives- depend on timing, decision-making and knowledge. These three skills always trump straightforward hard work, determination or intelligence.

This book will not develop critical life skills for you-that's your job, and your duty to yourself. What it will do is show you the different paths other people took to get out of the hell that was their lives. You decide which way you go, and when.

Make this book the beginning or a step in a journey, rather than an end in and of itself. Keep moving-no matter what happens-in the direction you have chosen at the end of this book. At some point along the way, you will see why even the powerful and wealthy never underestimate the sheer potential of the ordinary man and woman, from the ordinary parts of the world.

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