Canticles Of Hart and Hound -Prologue (3rd Draft)

Primary Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 4,900

Description and Details:

Two hundred years have passed since the Last Wars. The humans of the small island of Alt Insel have placed the elven lords of Adleveld beneath their heel and taken their green lands for their own gain. Skirmishes continue to rage along the unmapped Frontier, but the rebel forces have found little success in pushing back the righteous forces of the Goddess Hollee and Her Good Fellows.
Johanna Schafer, raised by her father’s fearful hand in a backwater town, will travel to the city to join a mysterious organization known as the ‘Nachtigallen’.
Sworn to protect the burgeoning towns in the primeval wilderness, the Nachtigallen are sent to silence ancient relics that have been abandoned by their elven masters.

(Gothic Fantasy/Horror)

What I’m looking for feedback on:
-Overall story (Are you interested in seeing more/Is the concept easy to follow?)

All constructive criticism is welcome, just wanting to get some eyes on this! Thank you.

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